Monday, February 11, 2008

My kids made me do this

My kids are always saying something hilarious. Unfortunately their mother is ancient and I don't always remember the funny things they say by the time I get to the computer. So tonight Ten reminded me to write about something funny he said.

Dan was cooking dinner....

Yes, you heard me correctly, my husband was cooking dinner. He's done that A LOT recently so that I can work on my homework. He's a wonderful man. Plus, he wants me to renew my license and get a "real job" so that I can make more money so that we can go out to eat more and he won't have to cook.

So, as I said, Dan was cooking dinner and I yelled downstairs for him to make two cans of green beans instead of just one because Ten lurves him some green beans and last time we ran out. So Ten said, "Hey, that's a great idea, Mommy. Two cans. And I don't mean the bird."

Get it? Two cans? Toucan? Well, it was funny at the time. I cracked up (from my position of being chained to the computer doing homework) so Ten yelled, "Yeah, that was pretty funny. Toucans. Ha! You should put that in your blog tonight, Mommy."

So I did.

Now Seven says I have to write something about him. Geez. Remember way back when this blog used to be about me? What's that? It was never about me? Oh. Well, poop.

Okay, what has Seven said lately? Oh, I got one. Last night we watched a little bit of the Grammy Awards because Mom called to tell me they were playing Beatles' songs and she thought the kids might want to watch.

Tiny digression--what was the deal with the babe in the red dress flipping around, hanging from the trapeze? Interpretive dance or an acid trip? You be the judge.

Anyway, Miley Cyrus came out with Cindy Lauper (Why???) to present an award. So I told Seven that Miley's the girl who plays Hannah Montana. He didn't know that because we're cable-impaired. So he said, "Wow, she's kinda pretty," and Dan said, "Is she as pretty as Rachel?" Seven said, "No way. Nobody is as pretty as Rachel. Well, except you, Mommy."

I need to raise that kid's allowance. Or just, you know, continue to blog about him.


april said...

I missed the Beatles thing. I do like Cirque Du Soleil (and I totally know I spelled that wrong). I never like them on tv, but I was shocked to find out that I love them live. They kookiness never translates well to tv.

I love little kid humor. My mom missed out on a sale or something and said "that stinks!" and my nephew thought it was HILARIOUS because he didn't smell anything. Then, my mom likes to tell the story when she said the leaves were turning and were beautiful, and I laughed and laughed and told her "No, they're not, they're standing still." My mom still tells that story every autumn. Sheesh, it happened like over 30 years ago!

Shoshana said...

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