Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar eclipse and Mommy Guilt

  • Number of people in my house who know how to read: 4
  • Number of people who wrote "lunar eclipse, 7:43 PM" on today's calendar: 1
  • Number of people who remembered to go look at the freakin' moon tonight: 0
  • Number of people who think it's hilarious that I found it necessary to write "PM" and the word "lunar" together: everybody, including me. Duh.
  • Number of people kicking themselves for not remembering: 1 (just me)
Why am I so hard on myself? Anybody else in this house could've glanced at the calendar and said, "Oh, hey, according to Mom's handwriting on the 20th on the February calendar, it appears that there will be a lunar eclipse tonight. Let's all try to remember to look for that, okay?"

But, NO, I get the guilt. If you also forgot to look out the window or if it's cloudy where you are, go here to see a live webcast of the eclipse. If you want to learn more about lunar eclipses, go here.

If you want to join in the kicking of the Princess, step in line, baby. Take a number. But be prepare for a looooong wait.


wareaglereed said...

We forgot too!!!!! I thought about it several times yesterday and then I FORGOT to look!!!
I have the guilt thing going too, just so you know you are not alone!!!!!


april said...

I didn't really care, but a friend of mine sent me a text message at around 10:30 so I stepped out to check it out. It was really cool. My friend bugs me with text messages, but last night he texted me "Total Eclipse of the Moon... Turn Around Bright Eyes" and I laughed.