Friday, February 15, 2008

Recycled Roses

I am cracking up! Dan came home at 10:30 last night with a big bouquet of pink, white, and red roses in a pretty red glass vase. Problem is, he didn't buy them for ME.

I'm still trying to think of a way to tell this story without making Dan look like a jerk--because he's NOT! But this is just too funny not to share. I LOVE this story. This might be one of my favorite Valentine's stories ever.

I'm a very frugal girl. Dan knows how I feel about Valentine's Day and that I would NOT be pleased if he spent money we don't have on flowers I don't need that will die way too soon. So he was very forthright about where these flowers came from. He never tried to pass them off as a gift that he'd bought me. They were from a stalker to a girl who used to work for Dan but has transferred to another store. He called her to tell her that somebody sent her roses and she told him to cut them up and throw them away. So he said, "No, I'll take these home to my wife. She likes flowers but she won't let me spend money on them. She'll like this."

And I do, really. But more than the roses, I love that he saved money and didn't let these flowers go to waste. He wanted them to go to a good home and have a happy ending, not end up in a trash can at the mall. And even more than that, as a writer, Dan knows that I appreciate a really excellent story.

"Hey kids, remember back in '08 when Daddy recycled the crazy stalker's rejected roses...."

Oh how I love that man!


tami said...

Yay for recycling! hehee

I like your curtains :D

Shelly Conn said...

Dan is such a sweet guy all around! I love this story of the crazy girl he works with. The flowers are beautiful!!!