Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prehistoric Love

Dan and I have been together a looooooooong time. We met in 1988, started dating in 1989, got engaged in 1990, married in 1991. I'm pretty sure dinosaurs still roamed the Earth back then. Dan says this picture dates us back to the Mesozoic Era. Maybe carbon dating would've been more appropriate to describe when we went out.

This is what we looked like when we were dating, back in 1989:
Notice that Dan still had a full head of hair. I had enough hair for two or three Southern cheerleaders. And I could still fit into that dress.

Here's what we looked like Saturday night when Ten took our picture right before we went out to eat for our anniversary dinner:
Dan has kind of a statue thing going on and I'm gritting my teeth a little, doing the mommy voice and saying, "Would you just take the picture already?" while we sit impatiently waiting for him to figure out how to work the zoom lens. My hair was still overly curly, but it's from a curling iron and not a perm this time. At least I don't have mega-bangs anymore.

Dan just looked at this picture and said, "My head is as big as your head and all your hair put together. My head is huge. I'm Shrek."

I'd just like to point out that he doesn't take anabolic steroids. Maybe a steroid nasal spray every once in a while, but nothing that would make his head swell up or his batting average skyrocket.

And I should add that my Mommy bought my clothes. And my jewelry. And made my scarf. Hello, my name is Teble, I'm thirty-eight years old and my Mommy dresses me.

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april said...

That's a great photo of you guys (both actually). I don't have a ton of photos from when we were dating. We started dating in 1993, got engaged in 1997 and got married in 1999. I have a couple of photos. Maybe I should scan some of the better ones. :) It does seem like we've been together forever but in a good way (well, most of the time in a good way).

Congratulations on the anniversary!!!