Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shout Out to My Peeps

I have two groups of friends (hecklers, the lot of them) who need to be told a thing or two today...

For all my Yankee friends who made fun of me over on the Seppie message board because of our snow day: Hey! I never said that it was a lot of snow! I realize that we had maybe an inch of snow. But it was the ICE that made them close schools. The ICE, I tell you. People can actually DRIVE on snow. The school buses can't travel on icy roads when none of our drivers are trained to do so. This is a very hilly region with very few, if any, snow plows and brine trucks. We don't have snow tires or chains. We don't own snow shovels or snow blowers--why would we? It RARELY snows here. This was a special treat. Don't ruin it for me.

Don't tell me about your sixteen feet of now. You CHOSE to live in the Arctic Circle--I did not. We'll be busy laughing at you guys (sorry, Y
'ALL) later this year with your "heat wave" of temperatures in the nineties. GASP! Down here we just call that SUMMER. And sometimes spring and fall too.

For all my friends who teased me about being a Valentine's Scrooge: I'll have you know I made a very romantic dinner for Dan last night. The kids and I set the table with CLOTH placemats, crystal candlesticks, the good dishes (even the kids), and played a classical CD. Nevermind that Dan nearly ruined it by coming around to the back to put the trash can away instead of coming in through the garage.

He was still surprised: 1) that I cooked, 2) that I cooked red meat, and 3) that we made everything look all fancy-schmancy. Ten draped a white washcloth over his arm like a waiter (I don't know where he learned that--we don't eat anywhere that doesn't have a kids' menu.) and met Dan at the door by saying, "Good evening sir. May I show you to your table?" The kids thought it was WAY cool to have candles. Little pyromaniacs.

So there. Bite me. Love you. :-)

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Pat said...

Your Dad and I had hamburgers, hey it was special because I didn't have to cook them; I did have to go pick them up! I got a card and a chocolate rose. That and not cooking was all I wanted!