Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Life's Been Good

After Caro's devastating loss, I'm hugging my boys a little tighter tonight. It makes their silly moments all the more special. And I'm an equal opportunity blogger, so since I talked about Ten yesterday, I have to tell you the silly things Seven said today.

He walked in when I was cooking dinner (okay, busted, I was heating up leftovers that Dan cooked last night). Just so you know, there had been no prior discussion of zombies, so this came from clear out of the blue.

Seven:"Hey, Mom, I know how to catch zombies and it's a lot easier than you might think.
Me: Really? Wow. So tell me, how do you catch a zombie?
Seven: Easy. All you gotta do is grab them, then drag them near a volcano, and throw them right in.

Then while we were eating dinner, Ten was complaining about his spaghetti.

Ten: Aw man, marinara. I wanted alfredo sauce.
Me: You should be grateful for what you have. There are some kids who are going hungry tonight because their parents can't afford to buy food for them.
Ten: (mumbling) Well they can have my spaghetti.
Me: Again, sweetums, you should be grateful that you have a hot meal in a warm house and stop complaining. You have a fairly charmed existence.
Ten: Yeah, and I'm lucky because my friends get grounded all the time.
Me: And you've never been grounded in your life, so you really have nothing to complain about.
(Long pause)
Seven: (singing loudly) "Li-ife's been good to me so faaaar!"

Yes, my Seven year old is singing Joe Walsh, so clearly I'm doing something right with this whole parenting gig.

Well, their father is, anyway. He's the musician. And the chef.

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april said...

OMG, that's exactly what my parents used to say to me and, strangely, my response to them. I'd complain about dinner. They'd tell me there were kids starving in Ethiopia. I would say they could have my food. I think, once, we went so far as to try to ship the food to them. I can't say my parents ever used the words "grounded", but we had temporary loss of priviledges if necessary.

I do hug the baby a little more lately. She's not a cuddler when she's awake. She does love to cuddle when she's sleeping, but when she's awake, she wants to be able to move and groove so it makes it hard to hug without a punch in the face. Still, she has to put up with it. I'm the mom, that's why.