Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chickens, soldiers, crabs, frogs, and more

My kid's a big chicken. And that's a good thing.

Seven auditioned for and won the part of Chicken Little in the First Grade play, Lemonade. He gets to run around the stage in a panic and yell, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling." He's just so excited he could lay an egg. Now I have to find a chicken suit. You know, nobody told me when I was hired for this "Mommy" job that I'd be a Costume Matron. That was not in the job description.

Ten got the part of a Roman Soldier in the Fourth Grade play, Dig It!. He's thrilled about carrying a sword and wearing armor. More importantly, he's glad he doesn't have to be one of the lead roles because he doesn't want the play to cut into his play time.

In other news, I'm now the proud mommy of a female fiddler crab and three African dwarf frogs (gender unknown, but I'm sure they'll be making little froggy babies together any day now). This was also NOT in the job description. I don't remember reading the part about Wild Animal Caretaker. Ten brought them home from school today so we had to stop at Pet Supermarket on the way home to pick up shrimp pellets and freeze-dried bloodworms. Ick. It's a good thing I love that kid!

Oh, and here's a lovely photo of Seven right after his bath last night. He brus
hed his hair straight back to make it all spikey. Then he walked into the bonus room and said, "Hey! Check me out! I am Spikey Man!"

Warden of the Insane Wing was also not in my job description. Nor was Hairstylist to the Weird. I think I would've remembered that one.

I'm going to go find my contract....

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