Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More potty humor...

...because we're nothing if not classy here at Casa de Princess. If you enjoy a good round of potty humor, then grab yourself a refreshing beverage and hang around for a while. If you don't, then this is clearly not the blog for you today. Get out while you can.

Why does my youngest child get inspired to poop every single time we go out to eat? I guess he needs to get empty in order to make room for the new food? Who knows? All I know is my poor husband hasn't had a hot meal in a restaurant in at least three years. See ladies, yet another example of why it's good to have boys--Daddy has to take them to the men's room while I enjoy my dinner. Hot.

But actually, this isn't a restaurant-only phenomenon. Seven does this at home too, it's just not as noticeable because no one has to accompany him to the potty here. Tonight when Seven excused himself to go to the restroom I said something about how he needed to empty before he refueled. Ten said, "Yep, I think he needed to dump some loot." To which I added, "Yep, he had to jettison some cargo."

Yes, this was
dinner table conversation. No, I'm not ashamed. If you don't have boys you just couldn't understand.


april said...

Um, we just recently taught my mother the expression "dropping the kids off at the pool". So, I'm not sure having girls is much better. The boy prefers "deploying the troops".

I'm so glad you guys are all safe and sound. We were all worried.

Shoshana said...

LOL. Too funny. I have a son that does it...but it's bedtime. When it's bedtime, he wants to eat. So, we decided to play a little trick on that habbit. WE'd say it's bedtime two hours before bedtime...then when he finish eating (again, though he's not fat at all), the bedtime will be two hours later, and I become mean mama and won't let him have any munchies. It was hard at first, but then it went away.

Not application to chow-time poopy though.