Monday, February 18, 2008

Do It Yourself Tooth Removal

My baby lost one of his top, front teeth on Saturday. My baby is disappearing right before my eyes and is being replaced by a BIG BOY! He looks so adorable with his gap-toothed grin. He pulled the tooth out all by himself, with a little side-line coaching from his big brother who told him to, "just pull really hard."

He and Ten stayed at Grama's house for a few hours Saturday while Daddy and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. By the time we got home it was two hours past his bedtime. He'd fallen asleep in the car and was too tired to remember to put his tooth under his pillow. Luckily we have a very wise tooth fairy here at Casa de Princess. She found the tooth on the table where he left it and replaced it with a dollar in quarters.

His other top front tooth is very loose. This kid is going to bankrupt the tooth fairy pretty soon.


MisbehavinAngel said...

Tooth gaps always look adorable. I am happy that Luke's teeth are there finally. Never spend a thought about how he's going to lose them again!


Shelly Conn said...

Please urge Aaron to coach J.C. with wiggling his teeth to loosen them. (J.C. is 7 1/2 and has not lost ANY of his teeth yet!!)
Tell Aaron that he looks too cute with his new smile and congradulations!

Midas said...

I love those tooth gaps. My 9 year old just grew his front tooth which had been loose forever because he run into a fireplace wall.

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tart/lanie said...

LOL. I love the gap tooth look. MY niece lost her two front teeth at the same time and looked adorable and hilarious (and got snaky when we asked her to say "six sausages" LOL).

By the way, how much does the Tooth Fairy bring these days? I reckon with inflation etc, it's probably triple what I used to get - 50 cents.