Friday, June 6, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Mommy

5 Ways I've Been a Bad Mom This Week:
  1. Waited until the kids were asleep and then threw away a bunch of their precious, priceless artwork. Read: pages and pages of scribble drawings on lined notebook paper ripped from a spiral notebook.
  2. Actually told Ten to "shut up" after my ears started to bleed from listening to his non-stop talking, humming, and sound effects.
  3. Ten minutes later put him in time-out for telling his brother to "shut up."
  4. Slightly burned the bacon I made for them because I was unloading the dryer and forgot about it. (But they scarfed it down without a complaint.)
  5. Yelled, "WHAAAAT?!" in a very frustrated tone after the ten millionth time I heard them say, "Hey MOM?"
5 Ways I've Been a Good Mom This Week:
  1. Managed to ignore most of the arguing (even though they drove me crazy) so that they could learn to work it out on their own.
  2. Fed them healthy meals, despite their complaints and the fact that it would've been easier to let them eat junk food.
  3. Helped them clean out the playroom closet (one tiny little piece at a time) rather than dump out the toybox into the trash.
  4. Let them play with squirt guns in the back yard, even though I knew they would track in mud and wet grass and I'd have to mop the floor again.
  5. Gave them each a dollar out of the blue when I caught them being good and helping me keep the house clean.


Shelly Conn said...

I think the good definitely out weighs the bad! Your a good mommy!

Sanna said...

You are a great mommy.

And for the 'bad mommy' part: I'd call it human instead of bad.

Love, Sanna