Sunday, June 15, 2008

Best Quotes from our Trip

1) Seven and Dan (tie). The Scene--Seven and Ten were upstairs in the loft where they were supposed to be sleeping. Dan, Ted, Cathy, and their mom and I were gabbing away at the kitchen table when I heard laughter from the loft. I told the boys to be quiet and go to sleep.

Ten, laughing: But he bit me!

Me: Really? Wow. That's really a shame. So how did he taste?

Seven: He tasted......bitter.

All Adults: cracking up with laughter

Dan: With a dash of resentment?

2) Ted. (While bicycling in the rain with Cathy, Jean, and I): Great. This is the closest I'll ever come to attending a wet T-shirt contest and the contestants are my sister, her best friend, and my brother's wife. Perfect.

3) Seven. The scene: Dan and I were talking about cooties because I took a sip out of his water bottle and he said it was okay because we already passed germs when we kissed.

Seven: So you guys have already kissed on the lips?

Me: Yes, honey. We're married so we've kissed on the lips before.

Seven: (dreamily) What does it feel like?
(Look out, Sherry. You might want to lock Rachel up in the bell tower. For about two decades.)

4) Dan's mom. The scene: Dan's mom and dad were sharing cabin #4 with his sister Sandy, her husband, Fred, and their two boys. The boys decided to spend the night with their cousins in cabin #5.

Dan: So Mom, I guess you and Dad and Sandy and Fred will have the place to yourselves tonight, huh?

Mom: Yeah and I better not hear any creaking coming from that bed upstairs.

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