Monday, June 2, 2008

Photo ID


I went up to Gallatin today (because it's where the county seat is for Sumner County, doncha know?) to fill out all my new hire paperwork and get fingerprinted.

Digression: Do you know I have to pay $48 freaking dollars to get fingerprinted?! Luckily I didn't have to pay it today because they'll deduct it from my first paycheck, but still. I asked the tech who was doing it if she couldn't just take my word for it that I've never committed a felony. I was JUST fingerprinted last summer for the preschool job--why is it necessary to do this again? Even though it's a new county all that info just goes to the state where I'm already on file. Twice! Grrr...

Anyway, they took my picture so now I have a shiny new photo ID with my name and the name of my school on it. Squeee! Then I went to the Parent Teacher Store and spent half an hour ogling all the pretty pretty new teacher resource books and bulletin board stuff and posters and erasers and pencil grips and pens and SHARPIES and...I'm so excited.

My kids went with me for all of this and were perfect little angels. No, I'm serious. They really were. REALLY. They sat at the table with me while I signed fifty jillion pieces of paper (good practice for our house closing, right?) and colored in their Ninja Turtle coloring books. The women in the office just gushed over them. One lady said, "I've never seen such well-mannered children." I wanted to invite her to come over tonight about 8:30 when the cranky arguing kicks in, but I refrained. Instead I smiled serenely and said, "Yes, they're very good boys," because they are. Mostly.

They must get that from their father.


Ryter said...

Oh dang....I MISS the Teacher Store. Since they moved me to a Tech Teacher position there is absolutely NOTHING for me to buy any more. Sigh.

Sanna said...

Okay, so you have to have them register your fingerprints when you wanna have a teaching job? Are you serious? I am really shocked here. People are on the streets against ANY kind of registration.

Very weird.

Teble said...

Yep, you have to get fingerprinted and pay for a criminal background check. It's their way of protecting the children from pedophiles and other skeevy perverts. VERY common here, even at private church preschools.