Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friend of Dorothy?

Mom and I went to lunch today without my kids (YAY!) at a Mexican restaurant (YUM!) and we were talking about a teacher I saw at a professional development workshop yesterday. I asked mom if she remembered this teacher because her husband is an elected public figure. She told me that, yes, she did remember this teacher and her husband. Here's the conversation that followed...

Mom: Yes I remember him; he's "friends with Dorothy."

Me: [big eyed] Really? He is? [thinking, Wow, look at Mom using the hip lingo! I didn't know she knew what that meant.]

Mom: Yes--and he used to beat up on his wife.

Me: Wow! Really? That's terrible.

Mom: Oh yeah.

Me: Was it because he's gay? You know, like he was taking his frustration out on her because she's not a man and he's forced to hide what he is?

Mom: WHAT?!

Then I had to explain to Mom that calling someone a "friend of Dorothy" means he's gay. She was referring to a mutual friend of ours (and, apparently, this very heterosexual wife abuser) who is NAMED DOROTHY. Mom had heard the expression before, but that's definitely NOT what she meant.

As long as she's not calling him a "cake boy" or a "disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand-ticket-holding, friend of Dorothy" then it's okay.

Otherwise I'll know my Mom's been Netflixing "Clueless." And then I'll start to worry.


Sanna said...

LOL That is too funny. Haven't heard it before either, but now I know.

BTW, I send the sleeping mask of the contest from some time ago. I know, I know... I am latze with that. Had all kind of trouble going on around here. Hope you like it.

Love, Sanna

april said...

Wow, I seriously laughed out loud. I LOVE that movie. Nice story!

Leslie said...

That is a wonderful story. Clueless has been on the tube a lot recently. I love it, and did I mention that it was filmed at my college- which also was California University on 90210? I thought I probably had. Did I mention that Obama went there for two years, too?