Monday, June 9, 2008

Beauty Treatment

My friend Sanna tagged me with this one. I'm not much of a fashion plate, but I'll give this one a try...

My Foundation: Bare Minerals Light and Fairly Light mixed together

My Blush: Bare Minerals Warmth and/or Glee

My Day Cream: Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Eye Creme for under my eyes and Clean & Clear advantage oil-free acne moisturizer for the rest of my face.

My Lipstick: L'Oreal Fawn Fatale and another one that I can't remember the name of, but it's rolling around the floor of my car right now because some idiot pulled out in front of me yesterday and I slammed on the brakes and my purse fell off the seat and spilled its contents all over the passenger side of the car.

My Essential Beauty Product: water-proof mascara

My favorite Make-up product: I guess Bare Minerals. I don't really have a favorite.

My Perfume: None. I love scented lotions from Bath & Body Works

My Nails: completely plain

My Feet: My toenails are currently deep purple with white butterflies on my big toes. Very cute. I have a Ped Egg but I keep forgetting to use it.

My hands: whatever lotion is closest. Grace has a B&BW Brown Sugar and Fig lotion/hand sanitizer that she kept in our classroom's cabinet. I love that stuff. I'll have to get some to keep in my desk at school.

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: sunscreen, chapstick, and what does it matter what I look like if I'm on a deserted island? No one can see me!

Women I admire for their beauty: Heidi Klum

Women with the best Sense of Style: Heidi Klum, although I'm giving her a run for her money right now in my baggy navy-blue T-shirt with white deodorant stripes on it, no make-up, and wet hair.

My ultimate dream: When it comes to beauty? Something that will make my forehead wrinkles disappear. Oh, and for the acne to disappear some time before the wrinkles appear because it's not fair to have both at the same time.

My favorite fashion Publication: Unless Ranger Rick and National Geographic for Kids start a fashion section, then I'm out of luck here.

So what are your beauty secrets? Share them in the comments or post on your own blog and link back to me.

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