Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So today I gave some kids leprosy...

No really. Okay, it was actually little red dot stickers. And it was actually yesterday. But yesterday I had a killer migraine and I was too busy moaning and holding an ice pack on my head to blog. Today I didn't give anybody leprosy but I did make some kids blind. But, hey, I spread mud on their faces and healed them afterword so cut me some slack.

Really it was oatmeal, which I cooked in extremely large quantities at home before going to church this morning. I made about one hundred times more oatmeal than we needed, but that's okay. Today's theme was "God gives us the power to help others," and we talked about Jesus giving the blind man sight. I got to be a nerdy scientist complete with a lab coat, taped-up glasses, pigtails, and a fake lab ID. We blindfolded the kids and made them walk around to get the feeling of being blind. Then I told them about Jesus scooping up some dirt, spitting in it, and putting it on the blind beggar's eyes to heal him. I totally had those kids convinced that I was rubbing Teble-spit-and-dirt in their eyes. Too much fun!

Yesterday's theme was thankfulness and we did the lesson about Jesus healing the ten lepers and only one of them came back to thank him. Seven went to a different group for the skit so he didn't get to see Mommy as a scientist but he totally GOT the lesson. When he came home he told me all about it and said, "Mommy, I want to be like the ONE, not like those NINE."

Sigh. I love vacation bible school.


Shelly Conn said...

You are such a fun teacher Teble! I know those guys had a big time with you.
Also, a very good lesson for them.

wareaglereed said...

My Riley came home yesterday and told me all about the oatmeal thing. He is LOVING VBS this week and today said he even got stuck in some type of quick sand?!?!? Hmmmmm, Interesting!! Anyways, he is in group 51 and I will have to tell him to give Mrs. Teble a shout out for me!


Teble said...

April, unfortunately I don't get to see Riley's group. We have two rotations of K-1 and one rotation with 4th-5th grade. I get about 25 kids at a time and I only knew about two of them before this week. All the kids I know are in different groups.

Oh, and that's DR. Teble, at least for this week! :-)