Thursday, June 5, 2008

Girl Up

Conversation Overheard while making the bed this morning:

Me: Whining about all the things I have to do today, "I have to vacuum the whole house, dust the whole house, clean all three bathrooms again, buy groceries," (etc, etc, really you guys don't want to hear all this).

Dan; Oh, just Girl Up.

Me: Excuse me?

Dan: You heard me. Girl Up. You know, like "Man Up" only you're a girl.

Me: "Girl Up" huh?

Dan: Well "Chick Up" doesn't sound right.

Me: Neither does "Girl Up." "Girl up" is what I do when I put on something cute and girly and fix my hair and makeup and stuff.

Dan: (thinking about it for a minute) Yeah, I like yours better.

What makes this extra funny is that, at the time, I was wearing a white swim team T-shirt with knee length camouflage cargo pants, no makeup, and my hair twisted into a messy pile at the top of my head--Pebbles style. Definitely the antithesis of "Girled Up."

Dan looked at me and said, "So, where's the rest of your squadron?"

I think I'll "Girl Up" and kick his butt. Me and the rest of my squadron.

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