Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guess who Dad saw Wednesday!

Dad was at an antiques store today looking at something...

Digression: I sure hope it was a house-warming gift for me. Perhaps a stackable Barrister's bookcase? Hint, hint. But I digress.

...and he heard the shop owner say something like, "Well, great. So you think that's going to do it for you, then?"

Then he heard an accented woman's voice say something like, "Yes, this will do nicely."

He looked up and saw a very tall woman who was very thin--except for an enormous pregnant belly. He noticed that she was wearing a baseball cap pulled low on her forehead. He also noticed that she had skin like a plate of fine China. He said he'd never seen skin that white. He didn't think much about it until he saw the fella standing next to her.

It was Keith Urban.

He looked at the woman again more closely after that. He said even with the very pregnant belly and the baseball cap she was one of the prettiest women he'd ever seen.

Then he called Mom's cell phone (I was at lunch with her) and asked, "Who is Keith Urban's wife?" So I told Mom to tell him her name is Nicole Kidman. So he told us the antiques store tale. Then he said, "Tell Teble they asked about her so I told them she's doing just fine."

Smart alec.


urbangirl said...

I was wondering, what did they buy?

april said...

I was wondering who Keith Urban was. :) I thought it was some country singer, but I wasn't sure.

Wow, your dad is almost famous... by association anyway.

Shelly Conn said...

James' stepdad drove Keith Urban's bus while he was on tour last year!
I have also been told that she is SOOOO beautiful.
You never know who you are going to run into!! Small world. :)