Sunday, June 29, 2008

More brownie bites, Dan?

Dan's boss had a party at her house Saturday afternoon and the boys went with us. Jill served the most wonderful brownie bites and the boys wanted more. They couldn't understand why Daddy could eat as many as he wanted, but they could only have two.

Ten (to his Daddy): How come you can have more but I can't?

Dan: Because I'm twice as big as you.

Ten: No you're not.

Dan: Oh yeah? How much do you weigh?

Ten: About 72 pounds.

Dan: See? I'm more than twice your size.

Ten: No, you're not twice my
size. You're twice my WEIGHT.

.....Everyone in the room started cracking up.....

Dan: (rolling his eyes) Thanks a lot, son. I'm sure that's going on Mommy's blog tomorrow.

Me: Oh yeah. That's SO going on the blog!

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