Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Five Senses

Here are a few of my favorite things from each of the five senses:

1) The smell of Brown Sugar & Fig scented products from Bath & Body Works

2) The sound of my dog when she's playful. She sounds just like Chewbacca sometimes. I love the way she can be sound asleep but the minute she hears me pick up her leash she goes completely bonkers in anticipation of a walk.

3) The sight of my kids' neatly made beds every morning since the house went on the market. Although, honestly, I suspect that Ten is just sleeping on top of the comforter so he won't have to actually make the bed each morning. Whatever. The bed looks nice and I didn't have to make it.

4) The taste of fresh, cold grapefruit first thing in the morning on a hot summer day.

5) The feel of Dan's breath on my neck when he gives me a kiss. We've been married seventeen years and he still makes my heart race.

What are your favorite sensory experiences?


Writer & Cat said...

The SILENCE of a house without children in it because they're off with Dad or Aunt Carrie or something of the sort.

Sanna said...

Teble, what a great post! Love what you wrote about feel.


Shelly Conn said...

The smell of Johnson and Johnson baby wash. The origional scent. I still wash Isaac with that! :) (And put the same scent baby lotion on him)
I LOVE the way it feels after laying out in the sun for about 20 minutes and jump in a pool to get cooled off!
I love to see and hear my babies when they play with their cousin Kennedy.