Monday, March 3, 2008

Trivial (very important) Details

Seven is home sick from school today because he decided that 3:25 AM would be a really great time to throw up in his bed. Then, just for good measure, the hallway and bathroom carpet, and all over his toilet.

***Digression: WHO was the idiot that thought CARPET would be a great idea in all three bathrooms in my house? We ripped out the carpet and tiled the downstairs bathroom a few years ago and I can't wait to do the same upstairs.***

I didn't sleep a lot last night anyway because Dan was working very late at the store. I stayed up 'til midnight, woke again at about 2:00 when he got home and the alarm went off, then again when he finally crawled into bed at 3:00. So imagine my surprise when I heard a little voice right next to my head say, "Mommy, I think something I ate for dinner didn't agree with me because I just threw up." I never even heard him come in.

Dan and I got up and cleaned the carpet and the toilet, tucked Seven in on the couch with an empty trash can, and were on our way back to bed when Seven said in his tiny, I'm sweet and pitiful voice, "Daddy? Will you please sleep with me? I think there's some room here on this couch with me." So, of course Dan did (on the FLOOR next to the couch) because he's a great dad.

I worked a half day today while Dan stayed home with him this morning. Since I got home we've been playing video games. Oh. My. Gosh. I'd forgotten how much fun Super Mario Brothers is! Seven and I are playing along when I made my little Mario dude jump and bust up some bricks to get to a secret coin stash hidden in the wall. Seven said, "Mommy, how did you know that was there?" How, indeed. I haven't played that game in twenty-something years. Some tiny video game segment of my brain has been storing that trivial bit of information all these years. Is that a right-brained or a left-brained thing? I wonder what really important thing I've forgotten because I was using brain space to remember details like that? I paid the credit card bill late because my brain wouldn't let go of that vitally important Mario fact.

It did impress my kid, though, so maybe it was worth the finance charge.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what really important thing I've forgotten because I was using brain space to remember details like that?

Hope he feels better soon! Kudos to both of you for taking such good care of him. Love heals.

april said...

I used to think our brains should be like computers. We should be able to cut and paste information (not to mention easily recall information). I mean, I can't remember my password to Shutterfly, but I can remember the lyrics to every Poison song. I mean, really, do I need that information? NO!

Sorry you had a sick little one. That's rough, but it's good bonding time.

Shelly Conn said...

I love Super Msrio Brothers too!! (but Ms. Pac Man is my favorite) I hope Aaron is feeling better today. I hate when they get up in the middle of the night and that happens.

Shelly Conn said...

Should have read the last comment for spelling errors. Oops!! :)