Sunday, March 9, 2008

Assorted Sunday Stuff

1) The same site that has the spelling test has some other fun ones too, like How Many Colors Can You Name in Five Minutes? and How Many Countries Can You Name in Five Minutes? and something about how many five year olds you can beat up. Too much fun.

2) Why does almost every frozen diet meal in the universe contain those awful, soggy, yucky red peppers? Just because I'm watching my fat and sugar and carbs intake doesn't mean I want to live on red peppers. Euw.

3) Is anybody else as excited about the economy stimulus package as I am? Well maybe Dan because it gives him the perfect opportunity to say something obscene like, "Hey baby, you can stimulate my package any time." Perv. Of course the credit card company, the life insurance policy, and the water heater payment plan have already spoken up and said they would like that money, thank you very much.

4) My online class officially ends tonight at midnight. The prof gave us two extra days because of problems with the server, but I turned in all my work on Friday because I'm a nerd. Now I'm just waiting for my grades. Then I can send in my transcripts and get my teaching license renewed and be legal again! YAY!

5) We had a parent/teacher conference with Ten's teacher Thursday afternoon and she says he's doing great. I mean, yeah, we knew his grades were great--you can't get much better than straight As--but we wanted to know about his behavior. He's doing fine. Phew. Big sigh of relief.

6) How long can one stomach virus last? Geez. Poor Seven's tummy has been bothering him since February 22nd. Just when we think he's over it, he becomes a candidate for Immodium again. Poor baby. At least he's not throwing up.

7) I have the happiest butt in the middle TN area. I have a wonderful new black microfiber manager chair from Staples. You know, now that my class has ended and I don't have to spend HOURS every night sitting at the computer doing homework. No, now I can spend hours at the computer reading blogs and playing Spider Solitaire. In cozy, plush, padded comfort.

8) Dan and the kids and I have been in the studio all day working on something. I'll attempt to post it here soon. hee hee, I love surprises.

9) After seventeen years of marriage, my husband still doesn't understand my obsession with school/office supplies. I bought myself a pack of ultra-fine point pens in a variety of colors (including a really cool PINK!) at Staples last night. I went to get a pen later and there was one missing from the pack! Dan had taken one out of the pack (the black one, but still!), away from its family, and absconded upstairs with it. I know! Then he had the nerve to wonder why I was upset about it. Can you imagine? He's driven me to using italics! Good thing I hid my Sharpies!

10) I'm proud to say that I've now reset every clock in the house and the one in my car. Am I on the ball or what?


Shelly Conn said...

Teble, I have to comment on your #2 because I have said the same thing to Ruthie on many occasions when eating our lunch @ CLC!!! I also HATE the mushy red peppers in SO many of the diet dinners. Just had to tell ya that.
Also, I hope Aaron is feeling better!!

Teble said...

Shelly, are you sure you aren't secretly my long lost twin? I thought the strangers at the door thing was just a coincidence, but this really makes me wonder.

MisbehavinAngel said...

I love love love red peppers! Dh hates them and we are arguing about this all the time. I can hardly cook without them.

Love, Sanna