Sunday, March 2, 2008

Grama is DA BOMB

We spent the day at my mom's house yesterday. The boys played outside in the wonderfully mild weather while I chained myself to Mom's computer and did homework. My mom wears so many hats in her role as Grama. Here are just a few jobs she performed yesterday...

Grama as dentist: Seven lost his other front tooth yesterday because my mom yanked it out of his mouth. It was really loose but he couldn't get it out. And he wouldn't let me try to pull it because he said it would hurt. Mom said, "Let Grama try," and he said, "Okay!" because apparently she's WAY more trustworthy than I am. She pulled it out and he said, "That didn't hurt at all." Oh sure, because GRAMA can do anything. Where was Grama at 5:41 AM when I realized that I'd never put any money out from the tooth fairy? I had to crawl out of bed and dig for change in Dan's junk drawer (in the dark!), and then tiptoe in there to make the tooth/coin swap.

Grama as source of all things: I needed a new tank for the froggies because I was overcrowding the little darlings. They're supposed to have one gallon of water PER FROG and I had all six frogs in a little carrier tank that's about 3/4 of a gallon. At one time or another my mom has had approximately 317 fish tanks, so we went up there to scrounge around in the storage building. Sure enough, we found a ten gallon tank with the lid and light attachment. We also found a complete set-up for a hamster, but I'm not telling the boys about that one.

Grama as junk food provider: The boys had Happy Meals and chocolate and Gatorade and juice boxes and everything else a little boy could want at Grama's house. Ten discovered that he hates dark chocolate but Seven loves it. Smart boy, that one.

Grama as nature guide: She took Seven on a nature hunt. She helped Ten and his cousin make a teepee. She took the boys all through the woods and showed them how to identify deer tracks and even found some deer poop which they thought was awesome.

Grama as all-around cool person: She bought the boys a video game thing with about 7,600 games on it (and I really don't think that's an exaggeration). Seven is obsessed with it. We're going to have to find him a 12-step program for video game addicts. She gave me a frog pillow/foot rest/massager thingy to keep my feet toasty when I'm at the computer. She gave me a hand-me-down jacket from my 13-year-old nephew that is really cool. She played with my kids so I could get my homework done.

In short, Grama rocks.


Shelly Conn said...

Gramas, (in my case) memes ARE the best. I don't know what in this world I would do without mine either!! I love this post about your mom.
P.S. 7 is going to have a full set of permanent teeth before J.C. loses his first one. heeehee

april said...

I just got off the phone with my Grandma. I actually have a great-grandmother, too. It's funny to watch my parents as grandparents because they're so different than they were/are as parents.

Leslie said...

Tell us again why you are even hesitating about living in the same town as your mom?

Pat said...

Leslie, I couldn't agree with your comment more! I don't get to spoil Teble's kids enough. I am a little late reading the post! I could have used the pick me up on my birthday Wed when Teble was out shopping at the Super Target instead of living here and going to dinner with me. Of course she also had the added excuse of having a sick little one. Hope Seven is feeling better.