Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's In A Name?

Teble is my real name on my birth certificate. Honestly. It rhymes with pebble, even though it only has one B. A lot of people ask me where I got my name. I usually tell them that my parents dropped WAY too much acid in the sixties.

There's actually a story, but it's nowhere near as funny as the acid thing. They got it from a movie, but they got the name wrong because the character had an accent and my parents didn't hear it correctly (or something like that) and then they didn't spell it right phonetically. So, there you go. Drugs? I'm thinking that's a definite possibility.

Here's what the "What your name says about you" folks have to say about it. Tell me if you think they're right. Or if my parents were major hippies.

What Teble Ann Brewer Means

T is for Trendy

E is for Exuberant

B is for Bubbly

L is for Lovesick

E is for Emotional

A is for Altruistic

N is for Normal

N is for Naughty

B is for Bewitching

R is for Responsible

E is for Extraordinary

W is for Wacky

E is for Extraordinary

R is for Relaxed


Shelly Conn said...

I think that the test showed your personality traits accurately. I looked mine up for Tara Michelle Conn. It said the "a" was for artistic which I am not. (I can't even draw stick people well) The name Tara came from a SOAP OPERA my momma was watching at the time!! How goofy is that?? Then decided to call me Shelly (from my middle name Michelle) that has given me a hard time my whole life. Not being called by my first name.

Pat said...
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Pat said...

The names parents give their children can be mean, but it gives you something else to blame us for! At least Teble wasn't named by my sister Debi. She named her kids B J Thomas, Tomara Charity, and was going for Dustin Hoffman but her husband Tom stopped her in time for Dusty to be Dustin Lee. I was named Patricia, which is my mom's middle name. My dad said it was really after his old girlfriend. My middle anme is Laetta. No one can tell me where that came from. All the other kids in the family got D names??? Anyway back to the blog.... I took the test and "a" was for artist and some of the other letters were OK too, but they repeated themselves; like I was too boring to come up with different descriptions. Then I made the big mistake of going to the IQ test, several hours and 3 IQ tests later I finally know how smart I am. Now if I could only spell without spell check! Off to see what punctuation I am.