Friday, March 28, 2008

Do They Make Frontline For Humans?

Okay guys, spring has sprung and flea and tick season is definitely here. Know how I know this? Because I was out pulling weeds Thursday morning and when I came in to use the restroom....

there was a tick on my belly!!! EUW!

See, I've always said that yard work is hazardous to my health.

Oh, and the first person who starts singing that stupid Brad Paisley song about picking ticks off me is kicked off the blog.

No blog for you! One year!

I hate ticks. Really, really hate them. I don't feel this way about all insects and creepy-crawlers. I think ladybugs are adorable, for example. I like my nine pet millipedes. I'm indifferent to spiders. I'm a former science teacher, so I could list all sorts of reasons why spiders are good for us . But I'm also a girly-girl so, while I appreciate
the benefits of our little eight-legged friends, I still don't want arachnids in my house. If they come in my house I squish them. But if they're outside I leave the spiders alone. Especially the wolf spiders with their intricately designed webs.

But ticks? No way. Now I keep feeling like they're crawling all over my body. Ugh. I need another shower. Or a dose of Frontline Plus. Or both.


Shelly Conn said...

James is SUPER freaked out by ticks also. We live over here by this construction and wolf spiders are our main annoyance. They totally freak me out. They are huge!!! (and fuzzy) GROSS!! Needless to say, we have a close relationship and contract w/ Orkin. (Just like I told the guy @ my front door the other day! Heehee)

MisbehavinAngel said...

Euw! Really, really hate all kinds of creeping animals.

Teble said...

Shelly, Oh I love wolf spiders--when they're OUTSIDE. They make the prettiest webs and eat all kinds of really nasty bugs.

Sanna, you should've seen me when I took my millipedes to work I had three of them crawling up my arm at one time. Totally freaked out the admin assistant in the office. :-)

shoshana said...

Eeewww! If you get it in TN, I can get it in Texas. I am in the middle of fixing my yard, but maybe I should just seal the whole thing're lucky you found it!

Writer & Cat said...

Better hope you never get near a nest of seed ticks. They're the size of a pin point, not a pin head, and hundreds of them will latch into your skin without you feeling a thing until you notice the 'rash'. Useless parasites, all.


april said...

NOT cool! Now, I'm itchy just from looking at that tick (or what I assume is a tick). I HATE bugs and insects and spiders and anything with numerous legs and body segments. We're in the city so we don't get many insects. We get about 3 spiders a year which come from our Christmas tree. I turn into a screaming girl and make the boy come and kill them. If they're outside or the boy isn't home, I let the bugs just kind of hang out. I had one in the car with me the other day and almost drove off the road. I just opened my window and waited for it to fly out. EW and double EW. If I had a tick on me, I'd seriously call in sick to work the next day. There'd be no living with me.

Anonymous said...

Just don't squish'em barefoot, it's nasty!

lindayanng said...

ok, i just googled FRONTLINE FOR HUMANS because while my husband and I were hiking, I could not stop thinking about TICKS! I'm the same as you.. bugs dont REALLY bother me (unless they are flying into my eyes, ears, and nose) but ticks make me squirm

Anyways, I asked the same question.. if you can put it on pets and it works.. why not people? I am going to look into this futher.. heads back to googl