Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucy's Visit

Yesterday while Dan was mowing the grass a little girl trotted up to him and said Hi. This little girl-------------------------------->

She followed him all over the yard, trotting happily behind him. He finally brought her to the door to meet us. The boys were ecstatic. Lily was so excited to have a play buddy. We knew this dog belonged to someone because she didn't want the food we offered her and she wasn't scared of any of us--even Lily, 80 pound
s of over-eager wild animal. We were willing to keep her, but I knew she had a family somewhere who was missing her. I called Grace to see if she knew where the little sweetie belonged.

The "New Dog," as we called her, stayed with us for a couple of hours. She played with the boys in the backyard, wandered around the kitchen with Lily, and won the boys' hearts. Lily was more than happy to share her food and water dish, her crate, her people. She loved having a little friend along to play with. There was a lot of booty-sniffing going on. Then Grace called to tell us who the dog's owners are. They drove over to pick her up just as Grace and the girls arrived to take her home.

Lucy, as her owners call her, is happy to be back home. Of course, now our boys are lobbying for another dog. And Lily would be too, if she knew how to talk. Lucy was awfully cute...

But Lily is enough dog for any family to handle. She's a big, humongous bundle of furry, crazy beast. But she's all ours.


Shelly Conn said...

The boys look sad in the next to the last photo with this puppy!! You may need to get another one for Lily to play with. I wanted to stop in here and wish you a Happy Easter also!!!

Anonymous said...

Two dogs are seriously easier than one, if you have the space for it. Just sayin'.