Saturday, January 19, 2008

Seahorse eyes

So Seven walked into the kitchen while the rest of us were finishing lunch and said, "Hey Daddy? Which way are my eyes facing?"


Dan looked really confused, but he pointed to his left and said, "That way."

Seven: "Okay, now which way are they facing?"

Dan: "Now they're facing to the right. Why?"

Seven: "Because if I didn't have any nerves in my eyes I would be looking the opposite way. And if I were a seahorse I could see in both directions at the same time. And if my friend Karis was a seahorse then she could talk to her friends on both sides of her desk and still see if the teacher was coming so she would know to stop talking so she wouldn't get in trouble."

Poor Karis, stuck with those boring old human eyes. Seahorses have all the luck.


MisbehavinAngel said...

OMG! Luke speaks really well by now, but I cannot wait for those truths out of a child's mouth. Too funny!


Teble said...

I'd swear the kid was smoking crack sometimes...the things he comes up with.