Thursday, January 24, 2008

Excuse me, who put the golf ball in my EAR?

Oh just OUCH. I feel like there's a huge flaming golf ball inside my ear, pressing my ear drum directly into my brain with the force of a Mack truck. (In regular, non-crazy-writer-speech, that means I have an earache.) I feel so bad for every time my kids had an ear infection when they were babies and I didn't know why they were crying because this FREAKIN' hurts!

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, but until then I'm keeping up a steady intake of ibuprofen. I've even done some of the home remedy earache things like: aiming the hair dryer at my ear for 3-5 minutes, heating olive oil and putting a few drops in my ear, using Afrin to clear out my sinuses, using an electric heating pad and a heated rice bag, drinking hot tea, steaming up the bathroom and staying in there until my hair frizzes....all that crazy stuff. I went to Kroger to get some of those homeopathic ear pain drops, the ones with chamomile in them, but I can't use them. They contain sulphur and I'm allergic to sulfates. I checked with the pharmacist and she said don't use them. So what do you interpeeps do for an earache?

But I played through my pain and totally kicked booty on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader tonight. The one with the middle school principal who won $300K. I SO would've had the half a million dollars because I was yelling, "JONATHAN SWIFT," at the TV screen--despite the pain in my ear. I NEED to be on that show! I even got the Mayan civilization question right, mostly because I wasn't gambling my own money. I even got the "not all carrots are orange question" because I knew that carrots come in white, purple, and yellow also.

My brain is chock full of useless information like that--at least until the Mack truck finishes driving through it.

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