Monday, January 14, 2008

Just A Few Things

A few things that are spilling out of my stressed-out, sleep-deprived brain today:

1) The brain trust at my local Blockbuster. I rented two kids' movies today: one was 99 cents and is due back on Saturday, which is the norm for us. The other is $1.49 and is due back Wednesday. So I asked the girl, "What's the difference between these two DVDs?" And her response? "Um, one of them is a Two Day rental." Well gee thanks, Einstein, I NEVER would've figured that out by myself. For real? Wednesday is TWO DAYS from Monday? Whatever will they think of next?

2) Ten has a new student teacher who started today and I love her. She's so quiet and nice and I hope the kids in that class don't eat her alive.

3) My stupid garage door is broken. Again. Last week I got trapped in the garage before work/school because it wouldn't open. For those of you who have known me a couple of years...yes, this has happened before. I cut my hand last week trying to open it. Apparently punching the door repeatedly while cussing at it in a high decibel level doesn't help--unless you work for the Band Aid company. They love me over there.

Dan managed to fix the door a little bit. How does one fix a door a little bit, you might ask? It's like this. The door will open with the remote, but it won't close with the remote. Which means when I leave in the morning I have to back the car out of the garage, turn off the car and leave the kids sitting in it, go back through the garage, hold the button on the wall until the door is completely shut (and not a second sooner or it will go back up and we start the whole dance again from the top), then set the alarm, go out the front door, lock the tricky deadbolt, walk in the wintery coldness to my car, and finally start it again. Perhaps you'd like to offer me some cheese to go with my whine? Yes, thank you but make it fat free because...

4) It's too cold to walk three miles a day with the dog. I managed to get in one mile today before I wimped out, came home, and made a cup of hot tea. I can feel the fat cells multiplying.

5) The Good News: My husband finally managed to put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher tonight.
The Bad News: The dishes that were already in it were CLEAN.
The Worse News: We have a little dial that you can turn to tell the next user whether the contents are clean or dirty. It was turned to CLEAN.

6) I am still not registered for the graduate level class I'm taking. The one that starts in only NINE DAYS! I've moved beyond worried into completely freaked out and no one will return my emails or calls. Methinks it's time to crank up the old Stalk-O-Meter until somebody gives me some answers.

7) I finished my lesson plans for February (and did you notice it's only January 14th) because I wanted to get it all done before I start the class. The one that I must get in or it's gonna get ugly.

8) Cattywampus is a funny word. Try it. I dare you not to smile.

9) I've scooped up so much dog poop in my back yard that I actually have a scooping "technique" now. Labs poop. A lot.

10) Chocolate Lucky Charms with double clovers are BY FAR superior to regular chocolate Lucky Charms, according to my boys. They share this with me while I'm choking down my high fiber, tastes like a broom, sugar free, old people cereal.

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