Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Topical Tuesday 2

In which I give a quick update for the couple of you who actually read this and worry about me and my sanity...

1) Dan went to the utility company today and, big surprise, turns out that we did NOT use more than a million gallons of water last month. So much for that celebrity hot tub party theory. Our bill was only, oh, about four thousand dollars too high. Whew. Now that I don't have to pay that bill, I can keep raising my children in the manner to which they've been accustomed. Yeah, that's right...all Easy Mac, all the time.

2) Still no cure for leprosy, but I'll keep you posted. The bumps on my face have been downgraded from Violent Violet to Cranky Crimson. I'm hoping by tomorrow they will have faded to Pissed-off Pink. Stupid face wax.

Some of you have asked me where I had this done. Actually the exact words used were, "Oh, honey, who did that to you?" (asked with appropriate horror in her voice). Well, I wouldn't want to speak ill of the company, just in case they actually offer to give me a refund, but their initials are Merle Norman.

3) Back still aches. Thanks for noticing. I left a message with my doctor and he's supposed to call be back tomorrow. Stupid air hockey.

4) I'd better go now because the gale-force winds of the thunderstorm we're having are threatening to blow in the windows of this room. Yikes.


Writer & Cat said...

I only have one hag hair but it keeps coming back no matter how many times I pull it. The cats have hag hairs, too, but it's cute on them.

Jody W.

alexia said...

Hi Teble!
i'm sorry you waxing didn't go the way you wanted. Have you asked the pharmacist (or even better, a dermatologist) for a cream you could use? if not, i really think you should, because the cream they will suggest to you, will make the bumps fade MUCH faster than they otherwise would (i am speaking from personal experience...)