Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Brotherly Love?

Here's a picture of my boys sharing a post-bath cuddle last week while watching "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" Really cute, huh? Yeah, don't get too excited because the cuddles quickly deteriorated into a wrestling match, complete with strange sounds and weird faces. And then there's the one I photographed tonight.

What's a little brother to do when your older brother takes away the Game Boy and won't give it back? Well, first Seven tried some passive-aggressive attention-seeking tactics:

Then he tried to be a little more "in your face" with the pesky little brother thing:
Finally Ten had had enough of the "hey look at me" act and tried to hold him off so he wouldn't lose a life in the game. Ten said I should give this picture the caption, "Kabam!"

Eventually they worked it out and took turns with the game. And no small children were harmed in the making of this blog. But one mommy nearly sprained something falling out of the chair while trying to discreetly stretch to reach the camera.


Ryter said...

Heh....just found the link to your blog spot on the SEP message board. HAven't been able to post there in a long while but fun to see a 'familiar' face.... Lynfoote

Anonymous said...

I have two boys too. The fun never ends... :D

(PS. found your link from lurking on the SEP board.)

Teble said...

I should point out that the boys were laughing and having fun during all of this--they weren't really fighting. My BFF was concerned so I told her to click on the pix to make them bigger--you can see the smiles on their faces.

Hi Seppie friends--I'm glad you're here to check out my blog.