Sunday, January 13, 2008

R you Ready for some Rs?

Today I had one of those Super Smart Mommy Moments that happen rarely enough (for me, anyway) to make them blog-worthy. And the strangest thing is, it was SO SIMPLE that I can't believe it.

Today after church the kids and I went out for lunch. I promised them if they didn't complain about going and got ready quickly enough to get there on time that I'd take them anywhere they wanted as long as it wasn't McDonald's. (Sorry, Holli.) They chose Famous Dave's because Ten loves their macaroni and cheese. Nevermind that it's the exact same Easy Mac that we have at home--and every other restaurant with a kids' menu--he insists it's the best.

At some time during lunch we started listing all the words we could think of that start with the letter R. I can't even remember why. This game lasted all through the meal and all through our weekly trip to Publix for groceries. I had been dreading taking them to the store, but Dan was working so it couldn't be avoided. But the thing is, we had a great time.

They had so much fun searching the aisles for R words. By the middle of the store the 4th grader was teaching the 1st grader how to spell R words (like respect, righteous, responsibility, renovate, recycle, etc) and defining them. Somehow this little nothing game turned into a major teachable moment. And a good time was had by all.

Really. Ridiculously rewarding retail ritual.

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