Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Braggity Brags

I have to make this fast because I'm going out to dinner tonight for a First Grade Mom's Night Out. Hey, that's a pretty cool brag right there. But in the fine tradition of the Ginsu knife..."But wait--there's more!"

1) When Ten got in the car after school today he said he'd had a bad day. I sighed and I asked if he got into trouble, and he said, "No, but we had a geography bee in our class today and two kids were chosen to go on to the grade level geography bee and Nash and I won." So I said, "Wow buddy, that's not bad news, that's great news. I'm so proud of you!" He said, "Yeah, but now I have to compete against the
entire fourth grade. I don't need that kind of pressure!"

2) They had an Awesome Awards ceremony at school. After school Seven said, "I didn't get Academic Excellence, Mommy, but I got this instead. The certificate he handed me said, in calligraphy:

Awarded for Excellence in Academics

I looked at him and said, "Did you actually read this?" and he said (with an exaggerated eye roll dripping with attitude), "No. (
Insert a silent DUH here please.) It's in cursive." I read it to him and he thought about it for a minute and said, "Oh. Uh, nevermind. Sorry about that."

He also brought home his STARS testing results. It's a computer printout which tells parents their child's current reading level. His was a 3.1 which means the first month of third grade. Did I mention that he's in FIRST GRADE?

My head, it is positively swollen with Mommy Pride. Now I have to go find Zimbabwe on the map.


Grace said...

Watch out! Your technically challenged BFF has just entered the 21st century (and only 8 years late). I would love to say that your comments of late spurred me on to figure it out myself, but sadly, I was forced to ask hubby for help. Hope tonight was great.

Teble said...

Oh Lord have mercy on us all--Grace has a Google account. :-)

Tonight was four hours of girl talky fun with a "Falls Rita" to boot. Yum.

MisbehavinAngel said...

Wow, Teble, you're one active blogger. I just tried to catch up with your latest posts, but don't have the time to read all of them.

These are two smart kids you have! Congrats!

Love and hugs, Sanna

Pat said...
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Pat said...

I left a post and had to delete it because I left out a word. OOPS! Maybe I should put the dog down and not let her type. Welcome, Grace, to the 21st Century. Glad you can now keep up with us old farts.