Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday "Whys"

A few things I'm wondering about this Wednesday...

1) Why does the only chance we've had for a snow day all month have to be when Seven has a field trip to the children's theatre?

2) Why do they make tickets for the children's theatre NON-REFUNDABLE for inclement weather?

3) Why does my dog stink so badly and shed so much? Because if she didn't she wouldn't be confined to the kitchen, but would be sitting at my feet right now while I type which would be great because my feet are really cold.

4) Why did the morons who designed my house think it was important to put a heating vent in my laundry room and closet, but NOT in my downstairs bathroom?

5) Why does the toilet seat downstairs have to be so very, very cold?

6) Why can't Jamie's kids come home from Haiti right now, this very minute, so she and Aaron can love on all four kids together?

7) Why did I think that taking an online class would be easier through my alma mater? You'd think so too, wouldn't you, since they already have all my freakin' information on file? Well, wouldn't you? Um, yeah, not so much.

8) Why do my kids only need my attention after I get on the computer?

9) Why am I drinking an ice cold diet Coke when I'm freezing?

10) Why do the weathermen use the terms sleet AND freezing rain? Aren't they the same thing?

(Okay, I'm such a nerd I had to find an answer to that one. Go here if you're as much of a geek as I am. Although, if you're truly a geek you didn't need to look it up because you already knew the answer. If so, I bow to your superior geekiness.)

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MisbehavinAngel said...

Yeah, sometimes life doesn't answer the simple questions, right?

Love and hugs, Sanna