Saturday, April 5, 2008

Superhero and Princess Club

These are the rules that Seven came up with for the "Superhero and Princess Club" he's created, complete with his spelling. Just in case you are interested in joining...

Club Rules:

1. You must be a super hereo or a prinses!

2. No pizza flavord goldfish.
(with the Zs backwards--but I don't know how to type that)

3. No bugs!

4. No strangers.

He drew a great sign for the door of the club with himself in a Superman-esque costume. He drew me wearing a pink dress with a pleated skirt, hair that flips at the ends in a flirty style, and some great black boots for kicking bad guy booty.

I love a man with priorities and a great fashion sense.


Tanya Michaels said...

Sounds fantastic--I can behind any club that includes no bugs in its charter :-)


Shelly Conn said...

Please let Aaron know that I'll be in his club any day. He's one of the sweetest little guys I know. Ask him if there is a secret code for this club.

april said...

I'm there just for the No Bugs rule!