Sunday, April 6, 2008

My hero

Seven is an amazing kid. Today I was helping Ten with a state history project that's due this week. Seven was feeling left out because he wasn't getting enough attention, so he decided to keep himself busy by creating a board game. He wanted to have 21 game pieces so that everyone in his class (including the teacher) could all play it together if they wanted.

It's called the African American Heroes game.

He cut a piece of cardboard from a box into 21 little pieces and drew figures to represent the people he studied in February for Black History Month. Then he created trivia cards with questions the players have to answer. Things like, "True or False--Rosa Parks went to jail for not moving to the back of the bus."

And he did all this from memory!

Here are some of the people he included in the game (with his spelling):

Rosa Parks, Hareiet Tubman, Jakei Robinson, Opra Wimprei, Hank Aaron, Thurgood Marshall, Willmuh Rudalf, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahamed Aly, Arthur Ash, Tiger Woods, and May C. Jamerson (because there's a boy in his class named Jamerson).

While I was forcing his big brother to work on TN history character sketches this kid was, completely without any help or encouragement from me, taking what he learned in school two months ago and applying it to his real life.


I want to be as ambitious as he is when I grow up.


Shelly Conn said...

He is such an amazing little guy! Especially to remember all of this info on all the different people!! He is so creative to come up w/ this all by himself.
J.C. said to me yesterday, "I got to see Aaron @ soul station today!" He thinks the world of him. :) Me too.

Pat said...
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Pat said...

WOW!! Grampa and I are impressed. Now, how do we go about marketing the game. I see $$$ here. Cut Ten some slack, it is harder for him to stay focused. They are both sweet intelligent boys.