Thursday, April 10, 2008

Five Things

Here are a few things that made me smile or laugh out loud this week:

1) My new favorite Bible verse, as recited by my class of four and five year olds: "In the beginning, God created de Heavens and de ERF." I'm not really sure what an ERF is, only that my class is sure that God created it. Amen.

2) This conversation with the little mini Hannah Montana in my class. We were talking about veterinarians and how they care for animals.

MHM: We-eeeellll, I'm going to be a DOCTOR-narian.
Me: You mean a veterinarian. Doctors who take care of animals are called veterinarians, not doctor-narians.
MHM: Well I'm the only one in this class so I guess I'd know what I'm called. DUH!

Yes, there was some pretty significant sitting in the corner time for her today.

3) Another comment by the same child, said while I was looking in the mirror to see if I was getting a zit on my nose: "Miss Teble, are you checking out your nose hair?" I was laughing too hard to send her back to the corner.

4) My husband, who just told our oldest child (in a very stern voice) to "shut his mouth and LISTEN!" Ah, it's kind of nice when I'm not the only one who's driven crazy by this strong-willed, talkative, argumentative, hyper child.

5) My youngest child who's been going for walks with me every day this week and telling me how much he enjoys our time together and how glad he is that I'm his mom. Suck up. Yesterday we had this conversation:

Seven, very seriously: Well Mom, I've made a decision.
Me: Really? About what?
Seven: I've decided what I'm going to be when I grow up.
Me: Okay, great. What will you be?
Seven: An astronaut. I decided since I like outer space so much I should just go live there.

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Pat said...

Tell Seven I would be very proud of him is he decided to become an astronaut, but we would miss him terribly if he lived in outer space. I also don't think I have enough frequent flyer miles to come see him.