Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I like my crow with a bit more salt, please

Not only do I have to eat me some yummy crow in this post, but I'm popping it up there on the first day of the month so it will sit there for the entire month long, visible by everyone who reads the blog (all both of you) for the entirety of April.

I'm sorry, Dan.

You see, when I posted my rain/rein/reign entry I didn't intend to make my husband look foolish.
He is one of the smartest men I know. When Dan read the blog he said I made him look stupid and that he didn't really argue with me that much and he never required actual proof. I have an entirely different take on the situation, but that's just me.

Mom's right--I should've just argued with Dan while I was naked because then there would be no contest. He tends to forget what we were arguing about the minute I take my clothes off.

Anyway, in the interest of making myself look foolish to take the pressure of my man, let me tell you what I did yesterday. He called me from the car on the way home to ask what he should make the kids for dinner. Because, wonderful man that he is, he was feeding the kids and staying home with them so I could go shopping. No, not that kind of shopping. Work shopping. Grace and I had to spend the rest of our class money before the month ran out.

So Dan asked if we have any Bisquik because he wanted to make a backwards dinner (breakfast food--in this case pancakes and bacon--for dinner). I said that we did and that the box was still sealed but I didn't know if it was past the expiration date. I looked at the label and read the following information to Dan:

Better if Used By: 23DEC08

I told him, "Well it's past the date on the box but it says 'Better if Used By' not 'Must Be Used By' so it's probably okay.
What do you think?"

Dan answered with, "Yeah, it's fine."

But I kept on, saying, "Yeah, I'm sure it's fine.
It's still sealed so it has to be okay, right? I mean, how can Bisquik go bad?"

There was a second of silence on the line. Then Dan said, "Read that date to me again."

So I did. Again. Without catching it.

Finally he said, "Honey? December of '08 hasn't happened yet. It's NOT past the date."

I'm embarrassed by how long it took me to realize that the most recent December I'd experienced was in 2007, not 2008. Duh.

So see, even though I'm the grammar expert in the household, he's clearly the math genius.

For dessert I'd like a side order of humble pie, please.


shoshana said...

I'll have to share your humble pie, but I keep a blog where I hope no one knows it me because it's my "I'm angry right now" blog and not meant for the eyes of people who knows me.

If my husband says it, I'll have to make a blog with nothing by apologies on it.

lanie said...

Oh, bummer! I hate humble pie, which is good, as I very rarely eat any LOL ;)

My BF doesn't know of the existence of my blog, which is good - he wouldn't like all the David Beckham worship (apparently the 2004 calendar I have hanging in the wardrobe is bad enough). He also freaks out if I use his picture anywhere online (good thing he never saw the naked chest picture I posted).

Pat said...

I can't get past the fact that you would even check the experation date of Bisqick! How can it go bad???

Teble said...

>>> "I can't get past the fact that you would even check the experation date of Bisqick!"

This coming from the woman who still has aspirin from 1978 in her kitchen--and the kitchen has been completely remodeled!!

Pat said...

So I have kids from the 60's and 70's too; do tey go bad??

Pat said...

Thank God spelling doesn't count. At least I can get into 7's club since I can't spell any better than he can.

april said...

It did not make him look stupid. You can tell him my brother-in-law always thought it was French Benefits instead of fringe benefits like the ridiculous commercial. That doesn't even make sense! Plus, homophones suck!

The boy never liked being referred to as the boy if it makes you feel better. :) It's been 10 years. He's still referred to as the boy online.

Writer & Cat said...

Oh, Teble, we know you well enough to realize how the "argument" with Dan probably went.

Teble: says something about rein in.

Dan: Isn't it reign in?

Teble: Responds with great enthusiasm.

Dan: Listens and nods