Thursday, May 8, 2008

Choir Cuties

I'm in a mad, crazy rush to get stuff done on my house, but here's a quick update:

I was NOT able to get my camera fixed. Grrr. It's only two years old! I can send it off for repairs for $97 or buy an upgrade, a refurbished camera for $85 and it comes with a six month warranty. So here I am without a camera at the most picture-takingest time of year and I'm not super pleased about that.

I managed to snap a few shots before the choir concert but I couldn't take any during the show because my camera won't flash. Here are my adorable singers in their matching choir shirts:
Here's a picture of them in the audience while we were watching the band concert.

Don't they look pleased to be there? The bands were all quite good, but the concert was very long. We sat through about 15-18 songs and by this point they were ready to get back on stage and sing their last two songs.

Okay, Dan is reading over my shoulder, so it's time to get back to work on the house...


Angie said...

Your boys are so handsome!
Sorry about your camera!

Three Fold Cord said...

Not really sure that they enjoyed the choir performance or maybe they didn't want to take one more "You boys are so handsome pic" by mommy-

I don't know for sure because my little boy still loves the camera, we will be sure to find out as he gets older whether or not the love remains.

Shelly Conn said...

Oh!! They are too cute!
I heard that the choir sounded AWESOME the other night!!

MisbehavinAngel said...

They look so big! When did they grow that much? Very cute with those matching shirts, though.

Love, Sanna