Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birthday Recap

For those of you who asked, my birthday was wonderful...thank you!

Little did I know when I posted my cake obsession picture, that Grace already had a surprise in the works. She had Tammy, our resident foodie, bake some AWESOME cupcakes for me (chocolate with cream cheese frosting...YUM!!!) and brought them to work. When I got to work Monday morning Grace had the room decorated with a banner, a "Happy Birthday, Princess" card, my very own tiara and magic wand--which I wore/carried all day, kid's cupcakes, and birthday plates and napkins. She's so sneaky...she sent a piece of cardstock home with all the kids on Thursday along with a note telling them to decorate a card for me. EVERY CHILD remembered to make me a card. So sweet!

It's Teacher Appreciation week, so several of the kids brought cards and little gifts for that also. One mom brought a VERY LARGE gift, so that rocked!

Dan took the kids and I out to the local Japanese Hibachi grill last night and pigged out on yummy food. The boys had never been there before, so they had a blast watching the man cook everything. Seven loved the steak and soup, but didn't eat much else. Ten ate salad (no dressing, of course), soup, rice, a few veggies, steak, and ONE shrimp. He's not a fan, but at least he tried it.

Then, Grace's husband, Brian, came over and FIXED MY KITCHEN SINK!!! Yay! It took a 40-foot motorized snake to do it, but it's working now. He said he'd never run the snake all the way out to the end of the line before. Notice how I'm NOT saying anything about Brian's big tool? Because I AM that mature, thankyouverymuch.

And I got to watch Jason Taylor on Dancing with the Stars, so all in all it was a great night!

Now I'm off to the camera store to see if I can fix the darn thing before the boys' choir concert tonight. Wish me luck...


Shelly Conn said...

The chocolate with cream cheese cupcakes were SO yummy. Thank you for sharing those goodies!! :)

Midas said...

I love those cupcakes cake...I missed going to restaurant though. With my 9 years old so allergic, we're very limited which places we can go and eat out.

I don't think I've been to a hibachi grill in like 9 years!