Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Recap

So here's how I spent the last couple of days...

  • went to bed at one o'clock in the morning after sorting through yard sale stuff
  • woke up at 5:30 am to set up the yard sale
  • took the kids to school
  • called to accept the 4th grade teaching job at Nannie Berry
  • sold junk all day in the COLD weather. At one point Grace came over and said, "I don't mean to alarm you, but your lips are blue."
  • watched Dan struggle to fix two different powerwashers. He got one of them working on Saturday; the other is from the devil.
  • picked the kids up from school
  • closed down the yard sale
  • sent the kids to mom's for the night
  • went out to Logan's with Dan (FREE gift card!!) to celebrate my new job
  • drank a very, very strong raspberry Roadhouse tea
  • giggled all the way through Home Depot where we went to buy parts for the power washer
  • met up with Grace and Brian to collect some of their junk for the yard sale (and giggled most of the time)
  • crashed on the couch at 8:30 in my flannel PJs (first time I was warm all day)
  • woke up at 6:00 for the yard sale
  • sold junk at a much slower pace than Friday
  • swore about a dozen times that I'd never do another yard sale
  • picked up the kids and took Ten to dress rehearsal
  • sold more junk
  • shut down the sale for good
  • picked Ten up and dropped the first load of "leftovers" at Goodwill
  • took another load to Goodwill
  • counted our profits...$350!
  • helped Dan powerwash one side of the house
  • powerwashed the porch
  • cleaned out the gutters while Dan fretted and held the ladder so I wouldn't fall
  • fed the kids
  • walked the dog
  • gave the cat a bath and cleaned out her kennel area
  • sprayed for fleas
  • did eighty-seven gazillion loads of laundry
  • wrote this blog....
Tomorrow should be more of the same. Yay, me.

So very tired.


MisbehavinAngel said...

Wow, Teble, you've been one busy girl. Take a break, babe!

Shoshana said...

I'm going to have to take a nap after reading your day Teble. Are you moving houses?