Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dig It!

As I mentioned before, Ten was in a play at school Tuesday night called Dig It! It's all about ancient civilizations (Mesopotamia, Rome, Greece, India, and China) and the impact they had on future generations. Ten played a Roman soldier who was teasing Romulus about his struggles with building Rome. Example:

Ten: "Hey Romulus, how's Rome going? Heard you were having some troubles with your aqueducts."

Romulus: "Hey, it wasn't built in a day, you know!"

Mom and I (mostly Mom) pieced his costume together out of bits and pieces of things we already had around our houses. We spray painted a dollar store shield, a Batman chest plate, and a construction hard hat. Mom duct taped some soccer shin guards and gave Ten some sandals to wear. She also made him a "man skirt" but he decided to wear shorts instead because he didn't want the other boys to tease him. Oh and he also wore a Superman cape inside out so that it was solid red.

But my favorite part of the whole thing was the fact that if we turned Ten upside down we could polish the floor with his head. Mom spray painted some Swiffer dusters red and I hot glued them to the top of the helmet. That part cracked me up!

We went out to eat at Logan's after the show and Ten was strutting through the restaurant in his costume, loving being the center of attention. Hey kept saying things like, "Don't worry citizens; Rome is safe!"

Wonder where he gets that from?


Shelly Conn said...

What a cool part to play in a performance! He looks like a fantastic Roman soldier.

Pat said...

We have it covered in this protecting the world thing. Between chicken little warning everyone and Roman Dude saving Rome, we definitely live in a safer world. Thanks guys!