Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Forgot to Tell You...

When Dan and I went to Logan's for dinner last Friday...

I totally got carded!

hee hee! I ordered my Raspberry Roadhouse Tea and the server dude asked, "Can I see some I.D. please?" and I didn't even correct his grammar because I was so shocked. "Really? You're carding me? Cool!"

So I whipped out my driver's license, which clearly proves that I'm 39 now, and sat there grinning the whole time.

That made the very strong drink taste even better.

And by the way, I promise to post pictures from Ten's play sometime in the next century.


Sanna said...

OMG, that is so cool! Imagine how fantastic you must look.

Congrats Teble!

BTW, my new blog is online, check it out and link me! :)

Love, Sanna

Shelly Conn said...

Teble, Because you are a hot little momma they asked for your ID! How awesome. I love this!!!

Pat said...

i want to know how much you had to tip the kid??

Teble said...

Mom, bite me.