Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Today was VERY emotional for young Seven. It was the last day of school and, for my kids, it is truly their very last day at that school. Ever. The minute we walked into Seven's teacher's room the waterworks started.

And Seven cried too.

His teacher, the educational assistant for first grade, another child's mom, me...we were all boo-hooing. Seven loves school and is really going to miss it. Of our whole family, he's the most reluctant to move because he doesn't want to leave the house, his school, his friends, his GIRLFRIEND, his church, or anything. We had to go say good-bye to all his related arts teachers and his kindergarten teacher too. Gah, it was so painful. It'll be a miracle if he doesn't come out of this with a sinus infection because, DANG, there was a lot of
ugly cry going on. Yes, it's still called "ugly cry" even if it's a little boy doing it instead of a woman because his face was all red and splotchy and just awful.

The good news is he made all Es again. He only made one S the entire school year. His STARS report says that he's reading on a 4.2 grade level (second month of fourth grade) so we're suitably impressed. His teachers at that school were amazing and we will miss them.

Ten also said good-bye to his teacher. No drama there--he was so relieved to be done with that class. I promised I would never say anything negative on this blog about his teacher and I will uphold that vow even though school is over. I will just say that he survived fourth grade and leave it at that. Well, he more than survived it: he finished with all As for the second half of the year and all of his year-end averages. It was a challenging year but he made it through and I'm very proud of him.

After the two hour school day I decided to treat them to ice cream. Problem: Baskin Robbins wasn't open yet. We have one of those Baskin Robbins stores that's attached to a Dunkin Donuts store and it was totally jam packed today. Everyone had the same idea we did! I asked the manager when the ice cream side would open and he said, "Normally we open at 10:00 but if you want something we'll get it for you." I think he just noticed Seven's tear-stained face and thought, "I'm going to give this poor kid whatever he wants."

I know
I felt that way.

This was a FULL HOUR before they were scheduled to open, but the nice man came over to the other side and got my kids a couple of scoops of chocolate and a candy topping. Because nothing says summer vacation like ice cream and Reese's bits for breakfast!

That's good parenting, right there. Feel free to take notes.

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