Friday, May 23, 2008

For Sale

Ya'll! There is a for sale sign in my front yard. And I'm just a tad bit freaked out by that.

I said I wanted to get the house on the market before school let out for the summer. I know my ticker says that there are a few days left until the last day of the school year, but that's just me keeping it legal. Really, today was the last full day. Monday is a holiday, Tuesday is a teacher work day, and Wednesday is the two-hour pick up report cards and say goodbye day. So I just got it in under the wire.

The only reason I was able to accomplish this feat is because my husband is Da Man. He bought a mega-super-duper power painter yesterday and painted the whole fence AND stained the deck all on the same day. He rocks. Last time he painted the fence it took about two weeks to finish because our little crappy power painter kept getting clogged and the weather wouldn't cooperate. It was a big mess. This time Dan decided to fork over the money for a good sprayer and just get it over with all at once. He only had one day off before he has to work a long string of days in a row and the weather was nice so he went for it. It looks awesome!

He was embarrassed by how yucky the deck looked in the pictures of Lily and the boys so he told me I have to take new pictures since the deck looks nice. As soon as I hook up my new camera I'll get right on that. By that time my camera won't be new anymore. But my realtor should have some great pictures.

Our realtors came out and talked about list price, took lots of pictures, and plopped the sign in the yard. It's a sad and a happy all rolled together. Sad because I'm going to miss my friends and I have to pack all my stuff. I HATE packing. Happy because Dan will be closer to work and will get to spend more time with us instead of driving.

Now I have to go buy mulch, return the extra can of deck stain Dan didn't use, wash windows, measure the shed, vacuum (again), buy mulch, and fill a crack in the side of the porch. Ah, the joys of listing my house...


Shelly Conn said...

This makes me sad to think about you all moving!! I don't want to talk about it. :(

Pat said...

Hey people Hendersonville it just 45 minutes away, ya'll come visit. I have been making the drive for 9 years, it is my turn!

Teble said...

You tell 'em, Mom! By the way I didn't mean to type "buy mulch" twice, but that's actually fitting because I'm sure I'll have to make several trips. It's hard to haul mulch in a Camry with two kids in the back seat.

Angie said...

I hope it sells quickly! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are going to be busy(-ier). Best of luck with selling the house and wishing you many happy-memories-in-the making in the next one!


Sanna said...

Wow, that was fast. You have been very busy, right?

Hope you sell it quickly.

Love, Sanna