Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why I Hate Cathedral Ceilings

happy mothers day

A Mother's Day Rant and a Public Service Announcement all rolled into one.

Okay, you guys know that we're getting the house ready to put it on the market. For the last month almost every single second of my spare time (not that I had much of it to begin with) has been devoted to household work. This weekend was no exception.

Since Friday I've been working on the master bathroom. There was a little bit of water damage around the tub faucet and the walls were in rough shape so I needed to paint it. As anyone who's ever painted can tell you, you can't ever JUST paint. Once you get started you run into all sorts of problems that need to be addressed. First I had to strip off the wallpaper. From the ceiling-high border. I believe I mentioned that this is a cathedral ceiling. And did I also mention that I'm only 5'2"? Yeah. That sucks.

Then I realized that I couldn't just paint the walls--I'd have to paint the ceiling too. Naturally this required some aerial acrobatics on my behalf. Not just for the wallpaper removal, but for the patching, s
anding, cutting in the primer, priming with the roller, and cutting again with the paint and rolling the paint (two coats, natch). Have you ever noticed that it's nearly impossible to use an extension pole on a roller in a tight space? Well I sure did. And perhaps you've noticed that it's really difficult to get an A-frame ladder into all the many corners of a bathroom? Yep, I noticed that too. Which resulted in yours truly balanced precariously on a step ladder which straddled the counter. On tip-toes.

And now it's time for the public service portion of the blog...If you ever find yourself balanced precariously on tip-toes on a step ladder which is balanced precariously on the bathroom counter, please note whether you have one sink or two. Because it might make a difference when you move the ladder over. I'm just sayin.' Also, when you move the big A-frame ladder, check to make sure you aren't putting the leg down right into the paint tray. Good advice, by the way. That's free of charge.

I told Ten he could take pictures of Mommy working hard on the bathroom so that I could use them on my blog. The photo on the right shows me standing on the ladder on top of the counter, not that you can tell because Ten didn't turn the camera sideways to get a vertical shot. That would've been impressive. Now, Ten isn't the best of photographers under normal circumstances but, in his defense, there were a lot of weird angles and obstacles in his way. Still, I don't think he can honestly claim those factors are what caused him to zoom in and take a close-up picture of MY BUTT in oversized, white, paint-splattered shorts. You can thank me in advance for NOT including that picture here. I am so grounding that kid! He is a smartass, kinda like his mother.

Okay, who am I kidding? He's exactly like his mother.

Check out the picture on the left. You know you want that hairstyle. You're so jealous of my beauty right now, aren't you?

What makes all of this worse is that I really hate the paint color. We chose a very neutral color since we're trying to sell the house, but I just don't do neutral. I like color. It was supposed to be a boring beige but it varies, depending on how the light hits it and the degree of drying, from beige to cream to yellow to off-white. Boring, very boring.

In addition to all the prepping and painting I did laundry, bought groceries, took Seven to his dress rehearsal, brushed the dog, fed everyone, and did dishes. I'm exhausted and I still have to paint one more coat. ARGH!

Anyway, lest you wonder where Dan is and why I'm doing all this work on Mother's Day by myself, Dan is at work today. He usually schedules himself to work on Mother's Day so that the mommies in the store can have the day off. But he was off Saturday and let me tell you what my man did yesterday...

He fixed all five of our bifold closet doors, fixed the leak in the icemaker (which required him to buy parts at the place where professionals go because Home Depot, Ace, and Lowe's don't carry them because your average weekend warrior doesn't fix stuff like that himself, he calls a repairman, but MY MAN can fix it!!), did all the weedeating and mowing, ran a flea fogger in the garage (which required him to turn off the gas pilot light thingy--I have no clue how this works but it sounds scary) because our cat wintered over there and brought a few thousand of her friends to stay, and he did the roller on the ceiling last night because my girly arms were weary from all the wall painting I'd done. And continue doing today.

Speaking of which, I think I've played around on the computer long enough for the first coat to dry so I'd better get back to work. Ugh.

Can't wait to get this finished so I can go to Mom's for dinner!


MisbehavinAngel said...

Wow, Teble, that's a lot of stuff to do. You're great with it girl!

Love, Sanna

april said...

*gasp* I can't believe you had the same hair style I did this weekend! You were like a billion times more productive though.

We just went to the movies and visited moms everywhere - my mom and then the boy's mom. It's sad when I look forward to working 40 hours a week to relax from the weekend.

I need a neutral house for my Gemini tastes. I have neutral and then change the pictures on the wall, tea towels, all the accessories often. Well, and we have an apartment so the walls come beige and white.

Angie said...

My goal is to paint the house this I guess this is what I have in store.

BTW, you look amazing!

Angie said...

I forgot to say belated happy mother's day!

Shelly Conn said...

You are making me a little nervous on that ladder Teble!! Be careful!