Friday, December 14, 2007

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Yesterday's post was so cozy and filled with holiday warm-fuzziness that you wanted to vomit, didn't you? Well, I knew it couldn't last. Here's how Ten looked when he went to school today...
Why, yes, that is a big black eye my oldest child is sporting--thanks for asking. Thank God it happened THIS week instead of right before the play. Wanna know WHY Ten has a shiner? Well let me tell you...sword fighting. Yes, you read that correctly. Sword fighting. Only, not just any sword fighting--this was sword fighting with Dollar Tree plastic swords and shotguns. I'm still a little rusty on the details, but apparently Seven swung wildly and caught Ten in the eye with the butt of a rifle . Clearly Ten needs to work on his defensive maneuvers.

The gun broke upon impact with Ten's face (which just proves how hard-headed that child is) so they were looking for duct tape to repair it. You just can't buy quality $1.00 plastic "Made in Taiwan" toys these days. Otherwise I might never have discovered how the injury happened. I refused to fix the gun, since they were playing too rough with it in the first place, and threw it away.

So this morning at breakfast Seven asked me if I would take him shopping so he could get his brother a new gun for Christmas. Because, you know, that whole "Jesus came to bring peace to the world" thing is overrated. I told him that we would not be celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace with the purchase of weapons of mass destruction.

So then he asked if he could buy a slingshot instead. Hey, at least that's biblical.

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Three Fold Cord said...

Looks like it hurt, but from the sounds of it not too bad. Especially if he wanted to fix his weapon to go back for more.