Thursday, December 13, 2007

Welcome Comfort

Today at work I had a Very Bad Day. No, really. It was BAD. Then I got a note from Ten's teacher that he's not listening in class. Again. So I was feeling pretty bummed, ready to crawl into my flannel PJs with a box of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and a cup of Indian Spiced Chai tea, when I saw this...How precious is that? Seven is reading a book to his older brother because he has an Accelerated Reader test on it tomorrow. Seven says he needs practice reading aloud with inflection and, CLEARLY, Ten needs practice listening. Seven told me he had to wear the Santa hat because it's a book about Santa. But of course!

And if I can completely boast about my kid for a moment, that's a 4.5 Reading Level book. As in, the fifth month of fourth grade. Seven is in FIRST GRADE. So he's totally and for realsies a genius, right?

Just so I don't leave Ten out of the blatant bragging fest, he sat STILL and LISTENED to the whole book without jumping in every time Seven took more than a split nano-second to sound out a word. Ten was the very soul of patient big brother-ness and I'm so very proud of them both.

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wareaglereed said...

Awww, and what a sweet pic of brotherly love!! Precious!!!

Thanks for your prayers for Bill!
You are a sweetie!!!sln