Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seven said...

My seven-year-old is a funny little guy. He loves to dress up in costumes and act goofy, like spinning a spider web. --------->

He's forever saying things that have me scrambling for pen and paper to write them down so I won't forget. Here's a small sampling from Sunday alone.

Seven: When I grow up I'm going to be a painter and an artist.

Me: Really.

Seven: Yep. I'm going to play music like The Beatles and I'm going to paint pictures of Jesus.

Me: Wow. Seriously? The Beatles and Jesus?
Seven: Yep. I'll paint pictures of Jesus in the manger, Jesus on the cross, and Jesus in that tomb where they buried him. And I'll start my paintings when I'm a teenager so I can have a job. And I'll paint them out in the workshop (our storage barn out back) so I won't get paint on the carpet.
Me: Sounds like you have it all planned out. How much will you charge for your paintings?
Seven: Oh, I'll give them away.

Me: But how will you make money?

Seven: I won't charge for the Jesus paintings because I think everybody should have Jesus in their house.

Seven: (while looking at a picture of an Egyptian mummy) Why did people in Egypt wrap their dead relatives in toilet paper?

Seven: (who was running around the house in sweatshirt and little white briefs) Mommy, I'm going to go outside to play.

Me: Okay, but you should probably put on pants first. It may be warm, but it's December. It's not THAT warm.

Seven: I'm already wearing a sweatshirt so I just need to put on pants with long sleeves.

The kids were playing out in the workshop and I looked outside to see Seven standing in the doorway with bare feet. So I opened the window and called out, "Why are you barefoot?"

Seven: (holding up his socks) Well, we're playing hide-and-seek and I didn't want (Ten) to find me so I took off my socks and placed them behind something so he'd think I was hiding there. Pretty clever, huh?

Seven came downstairs in a red sweatsuit with a belt and a Santa hat.
Seven: Hi, I'm Santa.
Me: Wow, Santa, you look a little different.
Seven: (putting his hands on his belly) Yeah, I shaved my beard and cut down on my sugar.

Then later, after another costume change, he ran into the room in a Santa hat, a big red clown nose, a red Superman cape, and his tiny white briefs, with his hands on his hips Super Hero style and announced...


He's so weird. Must get that from his father.

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