Monday, December 31, 2007

Saying Goodbye to 2007

There were several things I am happy to leave behind in 2007:

1) Those pounds I lost. Five of them reunited with me during the holidays, but we'll be parting ways again soon.

2) The 37 cholesterol points I left behind. Hasta la vista, artery-clogging muck.

3) Our old water heater. Not that I really wanted to spend seven hundred dollars last summer when I wasn't teaching and didn't have an income, but I'm guaranteed hot showers for the next ten years.

4) The rotten back door that was falling off our house. Not that I wanted to spend a thousand dollars right before Christmas on something other than presents, but I really enjoy sitting at the kitchen table sipping my morning coffee and NOT feeling the cold air drafting through the gap at the bottom of the door.

5) Three of Ten's molars--all lost within the last two weeks. Oh joy, now it's time to save up for braces.

6) Being an unlicensed teacher. I will be renewing my license and (Please, Lord) going back to teaching "Big School" this year. Hopefully next year I'll be saying bye bye to teaching preschool.

7) My Non-writing Phase. I've hardly written anything at all (other than blogging) in 2007. I seriously need to carve out more time for my writing. That five extra minutes of free time that I enjoy each day should be filled with writing--not just reading what other people have written.

8) My neighbors' title as "Reigning Champions of Cranium." It was a complete fluke, but my best friend and her husband were victorious at last year's New Year's Eve party, so they had bragging rights for the whole year. But all that's about to change as Dan and I kick some Gafford booty tonight.

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