Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Welcome to today's post, in which I confirm that I have lost my mind.

I drove to downtown Nashville today for my annual well woman exam. (And of course you know how much I was looking forward to THAT!) After fighting rush hour traffic, finding a place to park (playing the "drive 'round the garage" game for a few minutes), I ran across the street, through the valet guys standing around smoking (Hello? Where were they when I was trying to park?), rushed into the office and signed in at 9:00 on the dot.

Then I waited, waited, waited.

I was the only one in the waiting room, so I know they weren't backed up with patients or anything. Finally, after twenty minutes of being completely ignored by the lady on the other side of the sliding glass window, I tapped on it ever so politely and said, "Hi, I just wanted to make sure you guys know I'm here."

The nurse and receptionist both looked at me and said, "Why are you here?"
Me: Um, because I have a 9:00 appointment.
Them: No you don't.
Me: Uh, yes I do.
Nurse: No, your appointment was last week. You missed it.
Me: internal cursing
Receptionist: We wondered why you were sitting out there.
Me: (internally--And it never occurred to you to, oh I don't know, ASK ME THAT QUESTION
instead of sitting there silently wondering???!!)
(externally) Well great. Now what do I do?
Nurse: Well, we won't be back until January. Unless you can come in tomorrow.

So I made an appointment for tomorrow AND THEN I remembered that my mom is supposed to be coming over tomorrow! ARGH! Where's my brain? I'll tell you where my brain children stole it from me!


Shoshana said...

LOL. I am so sorry to laugh Tebble, but it happened to me. After I packed up all five children, drag them to doctor's office only to find out it wasnt' my appt.

I learned to call on the day of appt to see if I really have appt.

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Teble said...

Actually Shosh, I did try to call first just to confirm the appt because I didn't get a reminder call. Problem is, they don't answer the phones until 8:30 and my appt was at 9:00. By the time they started answering the phones, I was sitting in bumper to bumper interstate traffic.

But I can understand you doing that because you have FIVE KIDS to keep up with! I can't deal with two kids and a dog. Well, three kids counting Dan. ;-)

Writer & Cat said...

One time when #1 was a near-newborn I made a haircut appointment -- the first one in about 6 months -- and made special arrangements to have my sister come with me and mind the baby. As I was nursing and the baby wouldn't take a bottle, it was necessary for the baby to go whereever I went if it was more than 2 hours. Anyway, when we got there, me in all my post-partum skatty haired glory, I was told there had been a mixup of times and my appointment had been given away 30 minutes beforehand.

I burst into tears!

Teble said...

I would've cried too. Those nursing schedules are stricter than a NASA Space Shuttle launch countdown.